Top 5 Color Trends in interior design 2020

Colors play a major role in interior design. If you have ever wondered why some interior color schemes look great to get to know from a best interior design company in Dubai., while others seem to make a space look drab, dull, or even outright dreadful, it is the color scheme choice and the unique perspective of interior design. Our team spends a decent (but not overwhelming) amount of time on the color theory behind it – discussing various color systems, the color wheel, and the role of light – but mainly focuses on the practical aspects of developing a suitable scheme. Apart from that, we analyze a number of recent examples, discuss the psychological impact of color as well as its functional applications. Also, one of the easiest ways to update your space is swiping on a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Find out what the top 5 color trends our design team found to resonate with homeowners in 2020 with the best interior design company in Dubai! 

1. Blush

This joyful and refreshing color is taking over one home at a time. Blush walls with gold accessories is a trend that we’re loving! It can be used as a neutral or an accent color. Because of it’s versatility, it can be combined with beige, blue or even grey makes it one of the most favorite color for interior designing in 2020. 

2. Charcoal

Shades of grey is becoming popular among home owners who likes to add a touch of drama and elegance into their space. Being a dark color, it is recommended to be used in a space with a lot of natural light coming in. It looks the best when combined with lighter shades of grey. 

3. Royal Blue

This color can be used to create amazing styles from rustic, classic to contemporary. Combining it with gold and beige is a go-to in 2020. Blue is a cool and soothing color to the viewer’s eye and mind which makes it one of the fan favorites. 

4. Eggshell White

This is a classic no brainer. It is very easy to combine it with any color and texture. The most popular trend is combining it with green plants to tie the elegance and earthiness together.  

5. Hunter’s Green

Green is a very relaxing color as it represents all the goodness in nature. The best way to style it, is with earthy tones, natural wood finishes and natural materials but adding gold details elevates the space into a certain elegance and grace.  

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