The Modern Office Interior Decor in Dubai During COVID 19

The COVID-19 pandemic established new social behaviors and expectations, especially within the workplace. As the UAE Government braces itself to bring workers back into their offices to reduce the curve of unemployment, new adjustments are to become the new normal. To ensure the safety of all workers it is best to implement social distancing measures and good hygiene practices we have the best Modern Office interior Decor in Dubai.

The presence of hand sanitizers and cleaning products has become more prominent in the office but more measures need to be taken. Commercial real estate firm, Cushman and Wakefield addressed that between leaving the house and arriving home from work there are forty touchpoints that could potentially transmit Coronavirus during the day. From door handles to elevators many elements can put workers at risk. Therefore highlighting the importance of creating a socially-distanced office space. Here are some of the potential changes we could see in the ‘new’ workplace.

Signage and Movement

Workplaces are already implementing greater signage to ensure the 1.5-meter social distancing rule in the workplace by installing floor decals where necessary. The designation of single entry/exit points is also being put in place for a safer and more structured flow of movement. A method already adopted by health care facilities

Kitchen Spaces

Changes in the workplace kitchen are likely to be put into place. Expect a shift from metal cutlery to wooden, disposable alternatives. Cafes are already refusing the use of reusable keep cups and strictly using coffee cups to reduce the risk of transmission. Furthermore, a shift to individually packaged or pre-packed alternatives is likely to be put in place. Such practices are sure to be considered to minimize contact employees have with objects and further reduce the spread of germs.

Use of Technology

The adoption of technology to regulate and ease the transmission of Coronavirus has already been put in place in some offices. The use of Wi-fi data can now sense areas in the office where high volumes of people are present. Such technology is similar to the COVID Safe application made by the UAE Government in which Bluetooth data is collected to track people’s locations and notify individuals of nearby positive cases.

Temperature checks have also become portable, as seen through Cushman and Wakefield’s application which enables workers to conduct temperature checks before arriving at the office. Facial recognition technology and motion sensors open doors while lifts can be requested via smartphone. Such technological advancements are increasingly useful to reduce disease transmission and it’s no surprise that technology will be utilized to reform the post-COVID workplace.

Desk Structure

Offices will possibly witness changes in their furniture as well. Desk sizes are sure to increase to maintain effective social distancing. Hygiene practices will also potentially be placed to minimize transmission onto surfaces. Cushman and Wakefield have already enforced paper placemats to be put on desks and be thrown out at the end of the day. Similar practices are likely to be adopted in other offices in the near future.

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COVID-19 has brought forth an abundance of changes, the world today has become a powder keg of uncertainty. Despite these trying times we need to stay calm and really consider how to make the workplace as safe as possible. If you are thinking of updating an existing space or looking to move into a new workspace, the Essential Decor  Team can design and construct your ideal space. Call us today on +971-562323958