Executing the work in a safe manner according to the safety log instituted by the client is definitely a prime concern in Essentials Furniture & décor co LLC.  without any bias or compromise. Welfare and proper manner of work execution we realize it is the most important part of completing the work not only for safety reasons but also, we believe it is technically right method of performance. On-site safety officer, ensures all appropriate tools and fixtures ladders and other equipment’s for proper work are on site while work is on. Liaising with  Key Management of the client with due care for there safety standard expectations. Adoption of right and responsible work systems keeping in view the health and safety of workmen, colleagues of other contractors and visitors. All workmen are in appropriate uniforms and safety shoes, Helmets and accessories. Maintenance of Accident or injury log book so that all mishaps go on record to take corrective actions to avoid same mishaps for the future.


S- Satisfaction at all levels from our workmen to our clients, government and society.

E- Efficiency in performance of all our duties and responsibilities.

V- Value for money for all our products and services for our client.

A- Association of long term in all areas of human involvement.

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