Our Response to Covid-19

As the world recovers from a global pandemic, everyone wants the chance to get out and do the day to day activities that were once considered mundane. But safety measures to protect ourselves has transformed these daily activities. Wearing masks and social distancing is the new norm and, businesses and individuals everywhere are transitioning into these new norms. But these measures can only do so much to curb the spreading. At Essential décor, we care about our clients and want to keep their
employees and customers safe during these difficult times with our Response to Covid-19. We now include the following products in our design process to make the transition easier:

1. Hand Sanitizing Stands

Free standing hand sanitizer stations to address the needs for simple, effective sanitizing in respect to Covid-19. This product is designed for use in areas where there is a high volume of pedestrian traffic, including main walkways, entrances to stairwells, toilets and lifts. When spaced at prominent
points throughout a store or business, the station provides regular opportunity for customers and staff to clean and disinfect hands and keep safe.

2. Sneeze Guards

Businesses can use sneeze guards to minimize exposure. Once a simple staple of salad bars is now one of THE best tools for returning to work after Covid-19. Every industry – from retail to food service, healthcare clinics to corporate offices, and everywhere in between – has found some applications for these easy and innovative add ons. Contact us for more information about the various designs available.

3. Infrared Faucets, soap dispensers and WC flushing cistern

They are far more hygienic than normal taps, soap dispensers and WC flushing cistern because they require no human contact, meaning they’re less likely to become contaminated. This makes them ideal for the current global situation. They can be used in any facility, workplace or private household to help keep the transmission to a minimum.

Let us help you transform your home or workspace into a safe space with our Response to Covid-19. Contact us to book a consultation.